Our Founder’s Story of Discovering the Power of Kindess

Our founder, Audrey Graziano, is dedicated to spreading simple acts of kindness. She’s a happy mom of three who shares daily ...
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34 Motivator’s to Make You Happy.

Happy. Be Kind. Do you. Think outside of the box. Be a motivator. Stop wishing. Start doing. Practice makes perfect ...
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Is Positive Thinking a Bunch of Crap when it comes to Goals?

Is Positive Thinking a Bunch of Crap When It Comes to Goals?

Somewhere deep in the back of my brain, Bizarro Audrey exists.  I am an inspiration for kindness on social media ...
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You’re Kind!

Life gets everyone down. No one is immune to how cruel life can be. Let me tell you my story of ...
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Detach from the outcome

How I Am Teaching My Brain to SHUT *$#@ UP and Be Present

There are not many people I have met that live in the present moment all namaste.  Maybe that is why ...
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It Was a Bump(y) Road Towards Happiness — An Open Letter To My Son

Dear Son, Well, you’re definitely taller than me now. You’re definitely more quiet. But you always have been. You definitely ...
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When It Comes To Kindness, Luck Sucks

Lydia Kearney Carlis, PhD My whole life, I have been dogged by a losing streak at drawings and raffles, really ...
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Stand up for what you believe

9 Reasons To Be Kind

We live in a world that is oozing with negativity.  Every time you turn on the news, social media, or ...
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How a Negative Year Lead to a Positive Life

Isn’t it strange? The yin and yang of life? Often we find out what really matters when we are the ...
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We're all human, right?

We’re All Human, Right?

The last time I checked—we are all human, right?  I know, I know—I am a genius. Although, I have heard ...
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Happiness May Be Contagious

It turns out, happiness may be limitless.  It also may be contagious.  Just like someone’s bad mood can sour yours, ...
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