7 Habits of Really Happy People

You know the bunch.  They are usually smiling, seem to let the negativity of the world just slide to the wayside. They seem to be at ease with all of the chaos around us. What’s the deal? How do they do it? In our research we found seven different habits that you can apply to your daily routine to try and catch some of that happy joo-joo.



Yep, that’s right.  Happy people understand that it starts from the inside and radiates out. Happy people realize that external validation isn’t necessary for one’s own happiness. Material things are merely a bonus and living a humble and calm life is the true path to happiness.  Happy people are able to separate the difference between wants and needs and can easily detach from the ego.


This one is a biggie. Not only can exercise decrease stress, but it also boosts HAPPY CHEMICALS.  If the thought of tying up those tennis shoes can be daunting, you can be assured that you will feel the benefits of a brisk walk or jog when you cross your finish line.  You might say, but it’s called a WORKOUT not a FUNOUT!  Do this experiment. Mark your mood before a workout and after you’ve worked up a sweat and make sure to measure how you feel. Almost every time your mood will be elevated in a positive way. That is because endorphins are released during exercise and that chemical reaction is responsible for that giddy feeling. Some doctors will even prescribe exercise in lieu of medication.  Studies have shown that exercise can help treat anxiety and depression.  Now, get out there!  All you need is YOU. Get moving!


Happy people tend to dream big or GO HOME. Follow your passions, listen to your gut, ignore your fears. Just let go and let your mind wonder to where you want to be. That is the great thing about imagination. It is where ideas are born. You can choose to share your vision or not. You have the complete freedom of control.  If you visualize where you want to be you have more of a chance of putting yourself out there and taking a leap of faith. Here are three easy visualization techniques.


In today’s fast paced society we are constantly being bombarded with images and sounds and stresses that any human being would need to detox from.  Happy people usually know when they’ve hit their threshold and choose an activity that suits their personality. SO, if that means a spa day, alone time, or a walk in nature, listen to that voice, and DO IT.  It is basically a re-set so that you can face the days ahead. So just like the saying, “everything works better if you unplug it for a few minutes.” That is some good advice for us as well. 


There are infinite ways that practicing gratitude will increase how you see and feel in general.  Folks who practice gratitude reap benefits including: sleeping better, feeling more alive, expressing kindness and compassion and a better immune system.  Humans are social creatures so our relationships with others have a huge impact on our gratitude. Smile, say Good Morning, or perhaps just be grateful for those that you surround yourself with.


Really happy people realize that life is just not that serious.  But it is. But it isn’t. This life is a roller coaster and there will ALWAYS be ups and downs….no matter WHO you are.  It’s all about enjoying the ride, putting your hands up, and realizing with the right attitude and some laughter it is all going to be okay. Make the choice to believe it.

Laugh! Laughing is contagious, so be contagious


At the end of the day, we all share the same planet, and we should all be treated equally. Happy people tend to be comfortable in their own skin. Be yourself, but treat people as you want to be treated. It always comes back ten fold if you need an incentive.


Happiness is more about an attitude and choices. Happiness is a daily mindset that eventually becomes a habit. It is about little changes that can compound into a bigger change down the road.  Pick one, two or all of these habits to practice daily and see how your life transforms!


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