Our Founder’s Story of Discovering the Power of Kindess

Our founder, Audrey Graziano, is dedicated to spreading simple acts of kindness. She’s a happy mom of three who shares daily social media kindness tips. She says the strange thing about giving kindness is that it actually makes you feel better.

Audrey wasn’t always this happy. She fell into a depression last year after she lost her house and then shortly after, her father succumbed to cancer. She saw how her sadness affected those around her, particularly her husband and three children.

Her perspective changed after a simple exchange of kindness with a stranger. “The response to a simple ‘good morning’ was so positive that I started forcing herself to smile and offer compliments to others, even though it felt awkward,” said Graziano.

Happiness is an inside job. You may not realize it but you have complete control of how you feel.

—Audrey Graziano, Founder Happy Orange Project

The effort paid off. She began to feel happy again.

It was a wake up call for her, and her children. Soon they looked for ways to offer kindness each day. Her social media engaged followers around the world willing to donate to her Happy Orange Projects, like these knit baby hats.

Audrey believes positivity is contagious, and she’s hoping that Happy Orange Project can become a worldwide movement.

Story originally posted on Circa News by Stephanie Abrams.