6 Ways to Lead with Kindness in the Workplace

Kindness in the workplace is something every business should strive for. When kindness is cultivated, there will be profound effects on morale, productivity, and the bottom line all together. How can you do your part and avoid unnecessary competition, stress and idle gossip at your place of employment?

Below are ten ways that you can inspire by example and choose to be kind in your place of employment.


The illusive water cooler….

Look, we realize you are human and humans are social animals. It is VERY human to want to know the latest buzz that is going around the office. Heck, we are bombarded by constantly checking social media, news and even tabloid magazines. The thing is, you don’t want to be associated with office gossip because it interferes with over-all office morale.  Instead of engaging in office gossip, practice quickly changing the subject. Another good tactic is to simply walk away and not spread what you have overheard.

And here’s the real deal…. we all know an office gossip.  Don’t be that guy/gal.


It’s as simple as that!  Pay attention to what people say and you can make a major impact. Listening is a leadership skill that often gets overlooked.  When you are empathetic and compassionate in the workplace, you have a better understanding of your fellow colleagues and can be an even better team player.


Be a team lead!  A lot of people tend to get nervous when asked to take the lead, but showing kindness can lend to tons of positivity in the workplace.  When you inspire by example a ripple effect happens. Not only will you be more noticeable, but you will leave a lasting impression. Go ahead and be a #happyhero and lead by serving others.


Have you ever felt like you’ve  worked really hard on a task or project and got NOTHING from anyone? We like to feel validated for the work that we have put it in. Even if it is just changing the printer ink.  A quick “Thanks for doing that, Bob.” takes no time out of your day. Although, seemingly small, Bob appreciates that you’ve noticed. It gives him that extra push that’s needed to do more.  Next time you are in the office and a colleague has done something worth mentioning or praising- big or small- do it. Your kindness will travel farther than you realize.


It goes without saying that everyone would prefer a happy working environment.  Communication plays a huge role in increased productivity in the workplace. If you organize activities that foster kindness, communication and creativity, you will see amazing results.  One idea is to do a 7 Day Kindness Challenge. Have employees share an act of kindness they did everyday for the for the week with a small incentive at the end. Everyone likes friendly competition, and employees can bond in a way that may have not been possible before.


Stand out from the crowd.  Be a trailblazer. Do MORE than what is expected of you.  Are you seeing a theme here?  When you go that extra mile you are separating yourself from the pack. By being a good listener, kind to others, and inspirational, you will be sure to succeed in a extremely powerful way!

To be kind in the workplace has many benefits that reach far beyond your office building. Kindness in the workplace can be purposeful, you just have to make the choice to be the administrator.