Let’s Be Kind Together

We have so much to say about what is going on in the world today.  It is a really weird place to be.  With all of the images and stories that we are inundated with, and especially just recently- the devastation in Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas shooting,  it is normal to feel helpless. Troubled. Anxious. Sad.

Happy Orange is here to remind you that there is SO MUCH GOOD in this world. Even though we are going through troubling times, remember to take a look at the beauty. The kindness. The positivity. Share that.  BE that. You can add to the goodness. You really do have that sort of power and it’s all about making that choice.

 We want to help remind you, daily, that you can make the choice to be a positive impact.   We believe that kindness beats hatred. Love wins. We believe in being the change in the world.

Again, it’s all about focusing on that choice and taking action towards that positive light. Let’s be KIND together.   


With Love and Kindness,

Audrey, Galya and Todor