9 Reasons To Be Kind

We live in a world that is oozing with negativity.  Every time you turn on the news, social media, or a comment section, the darkness takes up a lot of space.

Happy Orange Project wants to help break the cycle of negativity and lean towards something more bright.  We can all create a positive movement that will ripple the planet for years to come. Here are 9 reason’s why being kind is king.

1. Other’s will be inspired by your example

Kindness generates tolerance and understanding.  When someone can connect with an action that warms their heart and soul, often they will be inspired to do the same. Children learn by example and this is great place to start. Be a ‘kindness leader’ and inspire a community of generosity.


2.  Kindness broadens our perspective

When we go into our day with an optimistic attitude, our minds have a tendency to be more open and understanding.  With this mindset, situations that seem stressful aren’t so bad.  


3.  ANYONE has the expertise to be kind

Perhaps one of the greatest things about kindness is that everyone can become an expert.  We all have the ability to be kind by performing simple daily actions.  It really is that simple.  Practice, because being kind is always possible.  


4.  Kindness feels good

What more do you need, right?  Kindness makes us happier.  Science says that a chemical called dopamine is released in the brain when we are out doing good for others. Our bodies receive a natural high, often referred to as “Helper’s High”. Not bad!


5.  Kindness makes people feel included

We live in a very judgmental world, however, kindness unites!!  When we implement empathy, our communities become larger, more positive and more inclusive.


6.  Kindness comes in all sorts of packages

Being kind all of the time can seem daunting.  Have no fear!  Happy Orange Project has come up with 365 days of ideas for you to browse and explore. We don’t want to overwhelm you, so feel free to pick one or two to repeat everyday!  It’s up to you, but know we’ve got you covered!


7.  Kindness packs a punch

Just one simple act of kindness can positively impact another person in varying degrees. It may brighten someone’s whole day, whole month or whole year!  Who knows!!   We want you to know that kindness travels far.  Smile, make eye contact, hold the door for someone.  It is amazing the power that you posses.


8.  Kindness begets kindness

Kindness produces a ripple effect.  Most people truly appreciate what you have done for them and feel inspired to copycat your deed.  It is a magical effect, so let’s bestow even MORE!  Pay it Forward!


9. There is no right time or right reason to be kind 

In today’s hurried world, there are so many things to do and so many reasons we have to do them!  Kindness requires no reason, doesn’t cost a thing, and has a tremendous value on your peace of mind.  There is no need to wait, no catalyst to begin, just go out there and #BeKind.