You’re Kind!

Life gets everyone down. No one is immune to how cruel life can be. Let me tell you my story of how a negative year, lead to a positive life.

A few years ago, my internal or emotional life was in a ditch. My mind was muck. Many life changing events had occurred in a short period time including death and financial crisis. With all of the stress came anxiety and depression. I was pretending to be happy.

One day I woke up and realized that being happy is a choice. Somedays you really have to work at it.
On the really hard days, I noticed how my community, friends and family uplifted me. Not phones. Not internet memes. Not computers. Not TV. But people! The people in my life were uplifting me through simple acts of kindness. Some examples were, keeping my children for the afternoon, or bringing over fresh baked cookies (that really happened)! Sometimes it was just a hug. Sometimes it was just sitting there while I stared blankly at a wall. I really want you to understand how grateful I was for my community- my positive tribe. How lucky was I? They were spreading happiness! I deeply realize that not everyone has that.

There is that famous saying that says “Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ”

The simple acts of kindness that I received resonated with me and inspired a movement — a shift in my ability as a person. What if I did one kind thing a day for someone else?

These actions do not have to be gigantic. It could be as simple as a smile, to hold a door, or say hello. Your random acts of kindness can be small. In fact, I think they should be small. Being kind isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t have to cost anything, just a bit of effort. I want to inspire our communities that we all have the ability to spread happiness. YOU. ME. US. A little bit goes a long way. You’ll find that the little bit that you do give, feels really good. It actually makes you happy! It can take some practice, but let me inspire you!

It takes one person to spread happiness to 1000 different people. Will you be that one person? You have more influence than you realize. You’re kind!