Organize a block party

Organize a Block Party

Maybe you’ve just moved to your block, or maybe you’ve lived there for several years but still don’t know most of your neighbors. Deciding to organize a party in the …

Open your home for the holidays

Open Your Home for the Holidays

If you aren’t the one feeling blue over the holidays but know someone else who is likely to be feeling that way, be sensitive and don’t overdo the merriment and good …

Make a homemade gift for someone

Make a Homemade Gift for Someone

Of course, just because it is homemade does not mean that you want it to look that way. Make these cute inexpensive gifts that no one will ever know are …

Send Holiday Cards

Send Holiday Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a loved and anticipated holiday tradition that began all the way back in 1843, when Sir Henry Cole and John Horsley of the UK designed the …

Decorate! For anything

Decorate! for Anything

May your celebrations be meaningful! Source:  Time and Date Decorate! for Anything was last modified: January 14th, 2017 by Audrey Graziano



Many people think themselves overworked and busy, and I can see why sending a reply to an RSVP is low on the list of priorities. But it is ironic that …