Help a roaming dog

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Help a roaming dog

Use calming signals and try to do something to calm and attract the dog. Lip licking, yawning, feigning like you’re eating food off the ground are such signals.

  • Have a crinkly bag like a potato chip bag with treats inside it (keep it in your car, it just needs to make noise when you crinkle it)
  • When you see a stray dog, get out of your car and watch the dog out of the corner of your eye
  • Start crinkling the bag and start saying very loudly “NUMMY, NUMMY, NUMMY!” as you feign like you are dropping the food onto the ground
  • Kneel down and start acting like you’re picking up pieces that you dropped on the ground
    In many cases, the dog will have stopped and will be watching you because you are no longer using that “Come here!” voice. You are using the universal language (nummy, nummy) of food, and you are kneeling down and not a threat. Also, you are not going to the dog, but many times, the dog will come to you!

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