Be coachable

7 Habits of Really Happy People

You know the bunch.  They are usually smiling, seem to let the negativity of the world just slide to the wayside. They seem to be at ease with all of …

Take a Break

Take a Break

Because almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. Including you. Source:  Medium Take a Break was last modified: January 13th, 2017 by Audrey Graziano

Go above and beyond

Exceed Expectations

Have you ever seen the “You had one job!” joke? It’s usually a picture, with a crazy error like “Please slow drively.” Or like spelling “STOP” S-O-T-P, or hanging a …

Be coachable

Be Coachable

The first trait is humility. Humility teaches that there are things we need to do that we cannot do on our own. Only humility can teach us that the most …

Show affection

Show Affection

Human connection can be a comforting thing whether you are upset or just going on about your daily life. Knowing that someone cares has a big impact, and showing someone …

Realize that you are ONE OF A KIND

Realize That You Are One of a Kind

The Benefits of Self-Knowledge Maybe it’s obvious, but here in a nutshell are a few reasons why you might want to know your own nature: Happiness. You will be happier …

look for the best in a bad situtation

Look for the Best in a Bad Situation

Just as many plant species rely on the effects of the fire for growth and reproduction, we too can adapt to life’s circumstances and become more resilient and proactive. Every …

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Insecurity arises from being unprepared. So to overcome this insecurity you must prepare yourself to a point where you feel you are ready. Once you reach this platform, it’s all about …