Collect Grocery Coupons to Give to a Local Food Bank

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Collect Grocery Coupons to Give to a Local Food Bank

Our programs comprise three parts. First we collect coupons through drop-boxes located at all sixteen of the London Public Library locations. Secondly, we clip and sort these coupons at our Coupon-a-thon drives, whether in the form of hosted Employee Engagement Programs or at our drop-in programs downtown. We then cash in the coupons we’ve collected and donate the resulting groceries to the London Food Bank and other organizations such as Mission Services, Women’s Community House, Animal Rescue Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Tampon Tuesday and more.

The third arm of our program centres around education. Through our Coupon Workshops we are able to teach couponing skills to attendees who are then in turn empowered to drastically reduce their own monthly grocery bills.

Source:  Coupons for Hunger


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