Properly Dispose of Your Chewing Gum

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Properly Dispose of Your Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is meant to be disposed in the trash can not on the other side of your desk or down on the ground for someone else to step on. If we were to spit our gum out on the ground no one will do anything about it; we’ll just simply go minding our own business. First of all, that’s disgusting. This is the very reason why trash cans were designed. Use them not avoid them; It’s a place we can put our trash without littering our local parks and playgrounds. Second, it’s annoying. For example, say you’re taking a walk at your local park then suddenly you have to stop because someone’s gum got stuck on your shoe. It’s already bad enough you have to stare at it. Even worse you have to touch it to get it off. It’s like society has forgotten what the word consideration means. Had they not forgotten, we wouldn’t be having this problem. Next time you have a piece of chewing gum, and you’re deprived of a trash can, don’t throw it on the ground or put it on the other side of your desk. Patiently look around you for a nearby trash can then dispose of your chewing gum.

Source:  Youth Voices


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