Leave Your Unused Coupons at the Store

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Leave Your Unused Coupons at the Store

Coupons can be hit or miss, but some stores offer pretty sweet savings. Best of all, many of these stores don’t really care if your coupon is expired, they’ll accept them anyway. Rather Be Shopping tells us which retailers usually accept expired coupons.

Rather Be Shopping’s Kyle James offers some general advice for using out of date coupons. He suggests always being polite and never demanding that they accept your coupon, because they’re under no obligation to do so. With that in mind, your results may vary by location.

That said, here are a few stores on his list:

CVS Pharmacy: CVS changed their coupon policy back in 2013 and became a little more strict about not accepting expired coupons. But…it’s not a hard and fast rule and many cashiers still have the ability to override the system and accept an expired coupon

Petsmart: I have it on good authority from a current employee that Petsmart will indeed take expired coupons. The catch is that they must be Petsmart’s own coupons and not manufacturer coupons. She told me that they’ll actually take Petsmart coupons for up to 6 months beyond their expiration date.

Lowe’s: Last fall I was installing laminate flooring in my home and needed some tools to get the job done. So off I went to Lowe’s with an expired in-store coupon in my pocket. Granted the coupon expired only 2 days earlier, but my cashier immediately did an override to make the coupon good. I asked if that was standard policy, and he said that most cashiers will override an expired coupon if it has expired within the last 7 days.

Bed Bath and Beyond: The famous 20% off any 1 item coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond can be a real money-saver, especially on significant purchases. But what happens if you can only find an expired coupon before your trip to the store? Simple. Use that bad boy anyways as it’ll either be accepted or the cashier will pull out a “non-expired” coupon from behind the counter and scan it for you.

Source:  LifeHacker


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