Get Back in Touch with an Old Friend

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Get Back in Touch with an Old Friend

You and Candy Sue used to be so close … braiding each other’s hair at sleepovers, giggling over prank calls to classmates and teachers, sharing a packed hotel room on that bizarre high school band trip to Orlando when Candy Sue’s boyfriend got in major trouble for the incident involving cough syrup and late-night shenanigans. But, anyway!

If you aren’t already Facebook-ed-ly connected with an old pal, sending a request with a sweet note about how you’d love to catch up is a good bet. That way, when he or she accepts, you can get a life snapshot in a two-minute perusal of his or her profile, and have a million pleasant questions at the ready for your eventual long-awaited phone call or coffee date.

If you’re already FB official but haven’t spoken in years, pluck her address off the site and send a legit e-mail.

The extra step makes your query feel more genuine and less “I came across your face and am on a boring date, busying myself with my iPhone while this bozo waits in line for the bathroom.”

Source:  CNN


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