Help a Friend ‘Hunt’ for a Job

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Help a Friend ‘Hunt’ for a Job

Job searching or not, networking can be pretty intimidating. But while you should encourage your friend to take advantage of those events to meet new contacts and potential employers, don’t just push her out the door with a sympathetic smile and a hearty “good luck!”

Instead, volunteer to tag along. You may not like networking either , but it’ll make it a lot easier on your friend to have a sidekick—at least until she finds her groove. With a friend by her side, she’ll avoid the awkwardness of showing up alone, searching for the nametag table, and waiting for someone to approach her . You’ll be able to encourage each other (yes, the networking will be good for you, too—job searching or not) to initiate conversations with other attendees.

And as a bonus, when you meet someone who’d be a good contact for your friend, you can easily introduce her on the spot.

Source:  the muse


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