Donate the Shelter Animal Adoption Fee

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Donate the Shelter Animal Adoption Fee

Ask anyone who has adopted a pet and they’ll share with you their story of love, fun andcompanionship. Why? Because shelter pets are amazing!

Within the next year, 29 million people just like you intend to bring a pet into their families. If fewer than 10 percent of them—just 2.4 million—choose to adopt, we will save all the dogs and cats who currently enter shelters but don’t find homes!

Remember: Dogs and cats who are taken into the care of shelters and rescue groups each year find themselves homeless through no fault of their own; “moving” and “landlord issues” are the top reasons people give up their pets.

This means shelters and rescues are full of loving, spayed or neutered, vaccinated—and often trained—pets who are just waiting to meet you! Bonus: By adopting a cat or dog from a shelter or rescue, you can rest assured that you have not supported the cruel and exploitativepuppy mill industry.

Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue is a win-win, for you and the pet. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your search and start your own story today!

After you’ve adopted your new pet, be sure to return to this site to share your story.


Source:  the shelter pet project


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