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Walk (Instead of Drive)

So what do you stand to gain from not driving?

1. A little extra money in your pocket: Anywhere from $9,000 – $14,000 a year according to the American Public Transportation Association. (Weren’t you just saying you needed a vacation?)

2. Mentally idle time to plan or reflect on your day:An op-ed piece in the New York Times last week opened my eyes to the importance of mentally idle time. When you’re taking a stroll or on public transportation, your brain is afforded a break. Likely, a much needed break that can lend to more clarity throughout your day.

3. A stress-free ride from point A to point B:Research indicates that your commute to and from work may actually be damaging your health in more ways than you realize. The stress and anxiety that can come from traffic jams and impatient drivers doesn’t belong in your life.

4. A stronger immune system: That’s right! Exposure to more germs will protect you in the long run! Grab the railing now and then and rub shoulders with a stranger–it’s good for you! Of course, don’t rub your eyes or touch your mouth until you wash with soap and water.

5. Exercise: Whether you choose to take the bus, bike or walk, you’ll gain add some steps to your daily routine which is always a good thing.

6. Boosted vitamin D levels: If you choose to walk or bike, you’ll earn a little extra time under the sun’s vitamin D boosting rays.

7. Peace of mind knowing your saved our planet from a little CO2: Per the below, by taking public transportation, walking or biking, you’ll be chipping in a little to save our planet from the massive about of CO2 we print on it every day.

Source:  Live in the Now


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