Try Not to Complain for a Day

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Try Not to Complain for a Day

How often do you grumble and complain?

If you kept a notebook on you and put a little ‘x’ on a sheet of paper every time you grumbled, complained, whined or bitched about someone or something, I bet you might have quite a few marks on your sheet by the end of the day.

When you are tired and run down it is so easy to slip regularly into a state of self pity, into complaining about everyone and everything.

Every single time you open your mouth or think those thoughts, you are dragging your energy down.

Just like a big magnet, ever time you lower your energetic output, you get more reasons to grumble and complain thrown straight at you!

You might be surprised at how hard this can be!

Try it for just ONE day.

Source:  Wonderfully Women


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