Tie Someone’s Shoe for Them. It Might Be Awkward, but I Bet They Don’t Forget

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Tie Someone’s Shoe for Them. It Might Be Awkward, but I Bet They Don’t Forget

Wanna hear something really real? I can’t tie my shoes! No, I’m serious. It’s physically impossible. After I was hit by a car, my left hand got messed up and I now struggle with having the dexterity to make those little bunny ears. As a result of this shortcoming, I’m forced to rely on anyone and everyone to tie my shoes. I once had to ask a complete random on the street because I was worried I was going to eat crap and knock my teeth out when they had become untied. Having someone tie your shoes when you’re past the age of five is a unique experience. You feel really vulnerable and a tad humiliated having a grown person get down on their knee and make loops with your shoestrings. But it’s also kind of sweet and beautiful. You feel like a kid again who’s temporarily helpless and relies on the kindness of strangers.

Source:  Thought Catalog


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